2014 is the year of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil and already in many countries the football fever has started. Football is the most loved and practiced sport in the world but it’s a clear fact that in the last years has become something more: football players are now worldwide popular testimonial for the fashion industry, they appear regularly in advertising, music events and tv shows.

Even purple leaves recently launched a design contest “Fashion x Football” (score & comment your favourite designs!) where we asked our community to design some of the most amazing shirts the football world has ever seen. A special homage to football and its influence in fashion and lifestyle. According to the following gallery of illustrations of famous football players plenty of talented illustrators choose them as main subject of their artworks.

1. Eusebio by Richard Debenham

Part of  the series “Heros”, where the English illustrator celebrates iconic moments and cult figures of the game.

Eusebio poster illustration by Richard Debenham

2. Jorge Campos by Chris Martin

The legendary mexican goalkeeper, probably more famous for his colored and crazy jerseys then for his skills on the field.

Famous football players illustration: Jorge Campos by Chris Martin

3.  Neymar by DSORDER

Will he be the next star of football? World Cup in Brazil will tell us more about this young talented player.

neymar cool poster illustration


4. Lothar Matthaus by Richard Debenham


5. Messi by Dave Merrel

A series of classic and modern day footballer illustrations that you can actually buy online visiting Dave’s profile on Behance

illustrations of famous football players: Messi by Dave Merrel

6. Zinedine Zidane by Dave Merrell

Zinedine Zidane drawing

7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic by  Daniel Nyari

This Romanian illustrator  based in US is a real master of famous football player’s portraits.

zlatan imbrahimovic poster illustration

8. Johan Cruyff by Giuseppe Vecchio Barbieri

A series of vintage portraits representing all the talented players who had won the prestigious Ballon D’Or.

johan cruyff vintage poster illustration


 9. Henry by Jon Rogers

You don’t expect a Canadian creating cool illustrations of famous football players, but Jon Rogers came out with impressive portraits.

henry football player illustration

10. Gianluigi Buffon by Bartosz Kosowski

buffon arty portrait

11. Diego Armando Maradona by Sebastian Domenech

No surprise that an Argentinian artist paid his tribute to the legend of football, but this is an example of real art.

maradona cool painting by Sebastian Domenech

 12. David Beckham by Ranjith Alingal

Who better than David Beckham has represented the perfect combination between football, fashion and style icon?

david beckham poster design

13. George Best by Cristiano Cáceres

Have you ever landed in Belfast (Northern Ireland)?? If yes, probably this name may sounds familiar to you. The main airport of the city has the name of the legendary George Best: more than a football player, a rock star on the field, a rebel  and unfortunately a heavy drinker who died in 2005 due to his alcohol problems.

george best retro poster

14. Cristiano Ronaldo by Elias Castro

Illustrator Elias Castro came out with an impressive infographic of CR7. This is only the background but if you click above you can see the entire work.

cristiano ronaldo infographic

15. Pelè by Dietmar Reinhard

pele portrait