Perhaps the fascination of abandoned places comes from the imagination, which leads to  few years before, when there was life in the same places, people laughing or crying. Simple people who worked and spent a good part of their days there.

There is always something undeniably melancholic talking about creepy abandoned places. Whether it’s a home, a hospital or even an auditorium, an empty building always give the impression of the existence of a story behind it.  Cracked ceilings, shattered floors, dust and cobwebs everywhere raise many questions about what might have happened in those places.

 20 Of the Most Creepy Abandoned Places on Earth

1. Hashima- The abandoned Japanese island of “007 Skyfall”

The Island of Hashima, 15 kilometers from Nagasaki (Japan), back in the days was once of the most densely populated place on Earth, but is now completely empty and abandoned.It began in 1890 when a company called Mitsubishi bought the island and began a project to retrieve coal from the bottom of the sea. The perfect location for a movie: that´s why producer of the last James Bond 007 movie “Skyfall” have chosen this creepy place to film part of the movie.

abandoned building in the japenese island where 007 Skyfall was filmed

Photo of one building in Hashima

2.San Zhi, Taiwan

This pod village was built to become a luxury town for rich people. To build this village lot of workers accidentally died and due to this reason plus a lack of money, everything remained frozen. Rumours say that now the ghosts of the workers are now the only habitants of  one of the creepiest abandoned places in Asia…

Abandoned places: pod village in Taiwan

One abandoned house in the village

 3.Pripyt – Ukrain

One of the most interesting things about scary abandoned places is that most of the time we’re talking about  entire ghost cities, not only a small part of it. This is also the case pf Priryt, an abandoned city in nothern Ukraine. Due to Chernobyl disaster in 1986  the place was abandoned becoming a musuem of Soviet life.

abandoned city in Ukraine

4. Abandoned amusement park in Korea

abandoned amusement park in Korea

 5.Abandoned fake Disney park in China

Its full name would have been “Wonderland Amusement Park Chenzhuang Village” and it is located 45 minutes from Beijing, China. But even if you have a passion for them parks do not trying to buy tickets … now this fake Disneyland is one of the creepiest abandoned places in the whole Asia.

Park Chenzhuang Village China

Watch also the video which gives more an idea of what this fake Disneyland is:

6.Abandoned Subway station in NY

abandoned Subway station in NY

Subway station in NY

7.Abandoned plane graveyard

abandoned plane graveyard

A plane graveyard is now the perfetc stage for street artists

8.Detroit’s Michigan Theater

It’s a pity to see in this list of the creepiest  places on earth also a beatiful theatre. Now the Detroit’s Michigan Theater is a parking lot.

abandoned theatre in detroit

Detroit’s Michigan Theater : an historic structure of the city

 9.Ship graveyards in Bangladesh

Abandoned ship in Bangladesh

A ship graveyards in Bangladesh

10.Abandoned city in China

abandoned city in china

Abandoned building in China

11. Abandoned hospital in Germany

Operating Lamp in a abandoned hospital in Germany

Operating Lamp in a abandoned hospital in Germany

12.Creepy abandoned theatre

creepy abandoned theatre

Another creepy abandoned theatre

13.Submarine base in Ukraine

 abandoned submarine base in Ukraine

A submarine base in Ukraine in the town of Balaklava

14.An abandoned Hospital in Berlin : The Beelitz Military

Located in the district of  Heilstätten, now this hospital is lying in a state of total (or almost) neglect. A complex of almost sixty buildings, once all part of the famous local hospital. Not an ordinary creepy abandoned place but also a piece of history: here Adolf Hitler was hospitalized in 1916 when he was wounded during the Battle of the Somme, one of the bloodiest of the World War I.

beelitz military hospital in berlin

15.Abandoned Water Park, Russia

abandoned waterpark in russia

Planned to be a children water park, due to the bankrupt of the owner, was forced to interrupt the constructions.

16.The abndoned cathedral, Gary (Indiana)

A city that is falling into ruin. It is located in Indiana, United States. What has been one of the most productive centres of the country is now a ghost city. Abandoned places everywhere: dirty streets, empty churches, hospitals, abandoned houses. The city, founded in 1906 by the founder of U.S. Steel Corporation, a leading  steel company in the country , was abandoned in the 60’s because the company decided to move to China and India for the cheap labour cost.

abandoned church in Gary(Indiana)


 17.Abandoned British Sea Forts

british abandoned sea forts

Built during the second world war, these massive sea forts are still standig in the North Sea

 18.Abandoned house of the Bulgarian communist party

abandoned bulgarian communist house

Amazing picture of the ex Bulgarian communist house by Dimitar Kilkoff

19.Hotel at Tequendama Falls

The perfect location for an horror movie, this creepy hotel is located about 30 km from Bogota’. the capital of Colombia. Situated just at the other side of a wonderfull waterfall, was opened in 1928 and closed in the early 90s when was left abandoned then.

Scary Hotel at Tequendama Falls

Photo of the Hotel at Tequendama Falls. In foggy days it looks even more scary…

 20.Abandoned power plant

abandoned power plant

If you liked this list you should visit the website This is the first online platform to create a database of abandoned buildings around the world, with even an App for Iphone available! A sort of wikipedia of creepy abandoned places where everyone can contribute by inserting a photo, address and a brief description.

Have you ever visited a scary and abandoned place in your life? Leave your comment!

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