Famous and, therefore, well established in the star system: he is one of the most famous pop-star in the world and also involved in politics. But these credentials are not an automatic free pass to enter in the world of photography. Only experience, talent and constancy can help to  turn a click into a unique piece of art. This is the case of Bryan Adams, the Canadian rock star that recently ushered at the Ostlicht Gallery in Vienna (until the 21st of September) in a retrospective called  Bryan Adams. Exposed.

A (second) profession not “invented” by Adams in 2004 when in Berlin he founded the Zoo Magazine, a newspaper dedicated to photography. Bryan Adams photography has been published in important fashion magazine like Vogue and Vanity Fair so far.

 Bryan Adams photography in Vienna

Bryan adams photography Amy Winehouse


Bryan Adams photography Ben Kingssley

The retrospective  shows mostly black and white portraits that communicate intimacy that the artist has had (and has) with his subjects, taken with humour and sweetness: Amy Winehouse, Mick Jagger, Queen Elizabeth, Dustin Hoffman, Louise Bourgeois, Ben Kingsley, Pink, Mickey Rourke , just  to name a few. Not only celebrity, Adams also showcases war veterans injured in war missions both in Afghanistan and Iraq. In the portraits they appear as normal men who are taking their condition with a smile and optimism, apparently contradictory with their situation.

Bryan Adams self portrait


Bryan Adams photograpy Danny Trejo


Soldier Derek Derenalagi by Bryan Adams


Bryan adams photography Pink





..but we still love Bryan’s music!



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