Domenic Bahmann is a Melbourne-based eclectic artist.  Illustrator, Photographer and Designer always seeking new ways to represent the world. His ideas are based on daily observations that come from different sources of inspiration and his works might be seen as perfect examples of conceptual art. Using everyday objects and his remarkable immagination, Domenic is able to transform them into cool artworks. But what’s exatcly conceptual art? It’s an artistic trend grown up from the mid-60s,  based on a idea of art that refuses to identify the artist’s work with the production of any object more or less important aesthetic quality and believes that the essence of art is instead the idea, the concept that precedes and shapes the work.

The artist that can be considered one of the pioneer of the conceptual art is certainly Joseph Kosuth.

Check out the magical world of Domenic Bahmann and rediscover a bit of your childohood, where immagination let us create fantastic worlds everyday…


Conceptual Art by Domenic Bahmann: Love


Conceptual Art by Domenic Bahmann, Butter Boat

Sinking Butter Boat

Conceptual Art by Domenic Bahmann, Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster

Conceptual Art by Domenic Bahmann, Carrots leg

Cupcake Skirt

Conceptual Art by Domenic Bahmann,fashion gnome

Fashion Gnome

conceptual art fishes by Domenic Bahmann


editorial design fruitney by Domenic Bahmann

Fruitney, Australia

hangry shirt by Domenic Bahmann

Angry Shirt

conceptual art headphones note by Domenic Bahmann

Music to my Ears

conceptual art hold on Domenic Bahmann

Hold On

editorial design midnight snack by Domenic Bahmann

Midnight Snack

editorial design octupus banana by Domenic-Bahmann

Octopus Banana

Pizza Shark by Domenic Bahmann, editorial design

Pizza Shark

conceptual art plane coffe by Domenic Bahmann

Takeoff in the Morning

conceptual art shuttle disc by Domenic Bahmann

World Record / Domenic Bahmann

Domenic Bahmann editorial design, stay in touch

Stay in Touch

summer air by Domenic Bahmann

Summer Hair

veggietanic Domenic Bahmann



editorial design get comfy by Domenic Bahmann

Get Comfy

conceptual art good morning by Domenic Bahmann

Good Morning

healthy m by Domenic Bahmann

Healthy M

conceptual art lemosine by Domenic Bahmann


conceptual art liftoff by Domenic Bahmann


paper airline by Domenic Bahmann

Paper Airlines

the big idea by Domenic Bahmann

The Big Idea