02 contest winner faceless mary spanish designer Contest Winner : Faceless Mary by Giuseppe Amato

Last contest we received outstanding designs and choosing the winners has been extremely hard, at the point that we decided to reward two winners this time! Togheter with the design The Urbanite by Spanish designer annaomline ,”Faceless Mary” by italian designer Giuseppe Amato convinced us and our creative community.

Giuseppe is living in Turin(Italy) and he re-approched design after spending several years traveling around Europe. About his contest winner design he says “ I was inspired by the fact the most of the graphics, pictures and designs that  surround us, are over exploited and they become irretrievably clichés. Starting from this, I began a deconstruction of one of the most misused images I knew and I started a project called “Icon identities”, involving some of the most iconic faces such as John Wayne, John Kennedy, Elvis Presley. The goal was to deprive them of the face to cancel their identity, keeping distinctive elements of their history on the background. The funny result was that nothing was changed except the shocking aberration of the missing face, which gives to the work a stronger dramatic mood. 

2287 facelessmarylintshirt1 Contest Winner : Faceless Mary by Giuseppe Amato

Contest winner design “Faceless Mary” by Giuseppe Amato

Check out more designs from his Iconic Identities series:

Antonio loves to “work on contrasts, differences, aberrations. Dismantle and reassemble the clichés to get down to the basics and communicate the need to bring order or disorder”. Like always we were curious also to ask him why he decided to choose our platform: “ I’ve approached purple leaves while publishing my projects on the web, searching for a good place where share my art.  T-shirt design has always fascinated me, I did it for a time during my adventure around Europe and I always wanted to improve it. On purple leaves I’ve found the perfect platform and people to work out, develop my t-shirt design skills and enjoy their creative community, which is the best way to reach and share new ideas.

It’s great to receive such a great feedback from our contest winners and your passion is definitely waht pushes us to work hard and make purple leaves the best place to showcase your talent.





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