One of the last design contest winners(see also”Peace of Watermelon” by ItsJessica) it’s a T Shirt for the ones that are not in a rush. Need a Break by German designer Pants just need pockets catches in just one photo the idea of chillin.

Need A Break t shirt winning design by pants just need pockets


Designer Anne-Sophie Hußler lives in the city of Dresden and during her design studies in Nuremberg she focusedon illustration and photography. Since April of this year she works as a freelancer in graphics & illustration. “I love my work as long as it does not depend on the pressure of time and money.” But she has another passion “Doing and listening to music: this is another form of art that I really love. Though I  feel lucky to be bad enough in making that!  In fact this allows me to not make money and to feel more free.”

Her childhood has been really important to develop a creative side “I had a great childhood. I sat on my grandma´s lap all day long drawing, cutting, gluing, singing and composing poems and stories. Thanks for that! Photography, music and writing came by automatically”. Her winning T Shirt “Need A Break” came out by chance ” I´ve been to some empty barracks with two friends of mine “The Teeter Men”, who play music in a  real good band. By the way, just to take some promotional photos. Afterwards this experience turned into something special. These buildings seemed to be used for some paintball games. Maybe it was not allowed to enter in these places, anyway it looked like  a mystical and myterious place”

“Need a Break” T Shirt by Pants just need pockets

Need a Break t shirt design

“Need A Break “contest winner design

 T shirt soon available on our online shop

On our community and creative platforms Anne-Sophie states ” A fair platform full of inspirational ideas. Plus you do a little charity. Great! Creative communities in general are so inspiring and most of all motivating. When you look at other people works you want to express yourself as well and  try to your own style on your works.”

Here more cool illustrations from Anne-Sophie :

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