Street art combines all forms of art that are expressed on the street, usually illegally, and describes the work of people who have developed a mode of artistic expression by using various techniques such as templates, posters, stickers, murals and graffiti among the most important, in a new form of communication through text, content and social opinion.


Main aim of  the Street art is, by integrating its elements in high-traffic public places, to surprise the audience and usually to embed a subversive message that criticizes society with irony and invites social struggle, political criticism or simply to reflect.

It’s called also graffiti art and we can find examples dating back to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire. Especially among the Romans it was very common habit to write occasionaly on walls and columns where many inscriptions were found in Vulgar Latin with political slogans, insults and declarations of love.

The International Museum of modern and contemporary art “Tate Modern” in London has made several street art exhibitions and now is selling one of the best analyses of this trend, the book “Street Art- The Graffiti Revolution“, which discusses in depth the phenomenon of urban art with the most important artists ( you can see most of their works in Berlin)

50 Amazing Examples of Street Art

1. 3D graffiti by Jeaze

Jeaze is a street-art artist from Montpellier (France) famous for his 3d street art technique.

3D graffiti by Jeaze

Playing with shadows and prospective Jeaze created this 3d graffiti

2. Street artists Alexander Grebenyuk and Fox

 street art by Ukrainian artists Alexander Grebenyuk and Fox

The duo painted this amazing graffiti for the GogolFest Event

3. Blek Le Rat – The legend of urban art

He is one of the first graffiti artist in Paris. His nickname takes inspiration from the character Bleck Macigno, from the comic “Bleck le Roc“. A true master of the urban art also considering that he starts his artworks in 1980.

Bleck le rat street art

Graffiti by Bleck le rat

4. Os Gêmeos – The twins of street art

The most famous twins of street art come from Brazil. Their style can be considered similar to  some public art, being able to provide new insights into the architectural environment to escape from the city.

Os Gemeos Luna Park graffiti

“Luna Park” by Os Gemeos

5.Capitan Borderline crew

This is a dream team of graffiti art  formed by different artists like A.Signl & B.Shanti & Dabtar & M.Wallace. 

Capitan Borderline graffiti for Amnesty International

The graffiti made in collaboration with Amnesty International in Cologne (Germany) in memory of the protests at “Tianamen Square”

6. Case

Graffiti street artist from Berlin part of the german crew (MCLAIM).

street artist Case elephant graffiti

Elephant with child by Case

7. Urban artist MadC

street art jurrasik by madc

Jurassic Park wall by MadC in Germany. Simply stunning in its complexity. A mural of 46x 20 feet which incledes an interesting phrase on it “once we are exticnt, life will find a way”

8. Bansky- The new God of street art

England based street artist, weel known for his satirical art and his mysterious figure. His art and life is well documented in the movie “Exit through the gift shop”.

Albert Einstein graffiti by Bansky

One of the most famous graffiti from Banksy


street graffiti bansky

Another graffiti by Bansky

10. Blu

Italian artist Blue is one of the most famous and acclaimed writer of all time, selected in 2011 by “The Observer” among the top ten street artist of the moment. His works, often of gigantic size, can be found on the walls of stations, major art galleries such as in the suburbs around the world.Blue expresses his art  in deformed and grotesque characters,  hallucinations and metamorphosis.

Blu banana man murales

“Banana man” by Blu


Blu graffiti soldiers

 12.The surrealistic street art by Kislow

 His tecnique reflects his distintive immagination influenced by surrealist art made by bright colours and fantastic characters.

Street Art by Kislow

Kislow and one of his colourful character


amazing street art by kislow


 14. Eduardo Kobra

Born in San Paolo (Brasil) , Eduardo Kobra is famous for his enormous murales.

The Kissing Sailor, street art by Eduardo Kobra

“Sailor Kiss” by Eduardo Kobra


Murales in memory of the Brasilian architet Oscar Niemeyer

The huge graffiti dedicated to the brasilian architect Oscar Niemeyer died at the age of 104

16. Adnate – The best australian street artist

Born and raised in Melbourne, he spent years traveling and painting around the world. He mainly works with social related themes.

Adnate street art

Adnate street art



18. Smates – Belgium

Stunning shark sreet art by Smates Belgium

19. Claudio Ethos

Claudio Ethos is a street artist out of the ordinary. He reproduces with his visionary look the city’s walls traces of his inner world with a sensibility typical of the contemporary art. The artist grew up in Brazil, Sao Paulo, a city which revolves around graffiti art.

Street art by Claudio Ethos in Los Angeles downtown

Street art by Claudio Ethos in Los Angeles downtown


Street art in Brooklyn by Ethos

Street art in Brooklyn by Ethos

21.Conor Harrington

Conor Harrington is an Irish street artist whose style draws a fine line between urban art and classical painting; never aligned with any particular movement or aesthetic. His works combine historical re-enactment, lettering and glamor models, realism and figurative art surrealist Noveau.

"Death in the afternoon" by Conor Harrington

“Death in the afternoon” by Conor Harrington


Conor Harrington street art in Italy

Conor Harrington graffiti in Italy

23. Jef Aérosol – Another pioneer of the stencil art

Jef Aerosol is a graffiti and street-art artist from Lille (FR).He belongs to the very first street art pioneers of the early 80s.

Jef Aerosol street art

Jef Aerosol


"Tango" in Buenos Aires by Jef Aerosol

“Tango” in Buenos Aires by Jef Aerosol

25. Herbert Baglione

herbert baglione street art in Germany

Herbert Baglione street art in Germany

26. Ella & Pitr – The graffiti couple

He’s a graffiti writer and she is a commedian: they met and started an artistic collaboration.

Ella & Pitr street art in Saint Etienne

Ella & Pitr street art in Saint Etienne


Dog with wings street art by Ella & Pitr


The works of the spanish artist Liqen are influenced by hi for entomological and zoological passions, nature and creatures from the depths of the earth. Liqen’s murales demonstrate his critical view about human destiny, the blindness industrialization and exploitation of resources.

graffiti by Liqen

Impressive graffiti by Liqen


Liqen street art

30. Shepard Fairey a.k.a. Obey

shepard fairey bowery

31. SaturnoAGS

SaturnoAGS girl murales

Beside these well known names, around the world it’s full of stunning graffiti works by other street artists, most of them anonymous :




Star Wars graffiti

Star Wars graffiti


Shining graffiti in the streets of Berlin

Shining graffiti in the streets of Berlin


Street art in Lebanon

Street art in Lebanon


street art I see humans no humanity
















panda street art

44. French young street artist Ludo

Ludo is a French street artist among the protagonists of the most innovative and promising view of urban art. Elegant and vindictive, artist’s creations belong to the series Nature’s Revenge and Bugs: plants and insects drawn with precision, which have evolved into hybrid mechanical, chemical and technology creatures in order to defend themselves from human aggression.

Murales by Ludo

Murales by Ludo




Street art in Warsaw(Poland)

Street art in Warsaw(Poland) by Nawer in collaboration with Chazme718, Sepe,Roem



Indigo street art


spanish street artist Aryz

“Love Letter”, an Impressive murales by spanish street artist Aryz


"Foxy urban" by Low Bros in Hamburg

“Foxy urban” by Low Bros in Hamburg

50. Martin Whatson 

ballerina graffiti by martin whatson

Norwegian stencil artist Martin Whatson at work




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