Hana Pesut was born in 1981 Whistler (Canada), a small mountain town and today she lives in Vancouver. Her photography focuses on everyday life, episodes of what she calls “small moments”. Her projects has been exhibited at the Künstlerhaus in Vienna and at Le Petit Bain in Paris and published in various international publications , including The Huffington Post, Glamour , Photo + , Color Magazine , Ginza .

Switcheroo is a language game that indicates an “exchange ” in relation to something fun and playful . Hana Pesut titled in this way her photographic work which has as protagonists thousands of couples .Two shots: the first with their own clothes on, the next, identical , but with swapped outfits. The idea comes by chance: “I was camping with some friends and two of them were dressed in the opposite way: one colored and the other one in total black. I thought it would be fun to photograph them and get them to change, before and after. Once clicked I was surprised to see how everyone was looking good in the clothes of their partner and I thought it was an interesting way to make portraits. “

Switcheroo by Hana Pesut Switcheroo by Hana Pesut

A visual experiment particularly effective as the couples in the portraits offer a wide and varied range of style and outfits. In Switcheroo project you can find everything: from the “alternative” couple with green and red hair to the chic intellectuals inside the museums or hipsters wearing cool t shirts. They all look straight into the camera switching clothes and attitudes.

 photography project by Hana Pesut Switcheroo project by Hana Pesut

Switcheroo resets the boundary between male and female, re-creating a new concept. The diversity no longer exists, is lost in the creativity of the exchange. Demonstration that put ourselves in someone’s shoes , sometimes, it is not so bad.

Couples Swapping Clothes by Hana Pesut Couples Swapping Clothes photo

photography project Couples Swapping Clothes

Switcheroo by Hana Pesut